Timeless ASO Strategies to Drive More Users to Your App

These days, most app developers understand the basic concepts of App Store Optimization and why it’s important. However, when it comes to developing and executing the ASO strategies, most of the app developers don’t know where to begin. If you want to drive more users to your app, here we will list some ASO strategies you can take to optimize your app.

ASO strategies

Basic ASO

We know that ASO is a process that can increase app visibility and improve app ranking in the app store. Thus you need to do basic optimization first. In our ASO strategies, you must master how to choose the best app keywords and how to use keywords in the right position. You should optimize your app name, description, icon and screenshot. To make all these parts with perfect design.

Create an Attractive Video

How can video be helpful to draw users to your app? Have you tried to build a video to prove this? The video is one of the most powerful ASO strategies to get your information across about your app. You can make an eye-catching video that shows how your app works and how it differs from the others. It must contain the features of your app but keep it short and simple with great sound quality. You can share your video on some social media.

Get App Installs

People are visual creatures. Many potential users will check the downloads of your app before they decide to download it. If you just have a few downloads or even no download, they will not trust your app. You can ask your friends to try your app. Or you can plan to buy some keyword installs. It is a great way to make your keywords rank higher in the app store search results.

There is no doubt that ASO work requires a lot of time and effort, but the benefits are worth it, and I hope that this guide helps you get your ASO strategies in place to promote your app. Let us know how your app is going! We love to hear success stories.

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