Secrets to Success of App Store Keyword Optimization

Whether your marketing campaigns take measures of ASO or SEO, one thing you need to do is to choose right keywords. And many app developers working on keyword optimization always find themselves struggling with this part. App Store keyword optimization is a magic and free key to boost app ranking. Below are some secrets to success of App Store keyword optimization.

app store keyword optimization

1.Spend time making a study of keywords

Before working on doing app store keyword optimization, you can choose the keywords that suit best for your apps. This is the essence and the base of search marketing. Because the keywords fields are just with 100 characters, you need to select your perfect app keywords to gain the best effect. You must spend some time to make a serious research of app keywords.

2.Avoid repeated keywords

Your apps need to be unique from others. Thus it is important to have unique keywords for your apps. Repeating app keywords will take up your valuable character space. And if you make repeated app keywords, the app store will not record them quickly. You can go around this obstacle to do app store keyword optimization.

3.Use some long words as your keywords

Use shorter keywords that you get more key phrase combinations. But you can try to use some long words as your app keywords. Although long words may be less likely to be searched for, long characters keyword that might potentially bring you more traffic. The most important thing is that your app keywords must be relevant to your apps.

To do App Store keyword optimization is a crucial step to the success of developing your apps. In order to build a solid foundation, you need to spend more time and patience to app store keyword optimization. We hope you have enjoyed this article and start trying these strategies. We will offer more details to increase app downloads.

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