Rank App to Top with These App Store SEO Tips

With the increasing growth of mobile users, the number of mobile apps is also increasing. Thus it has become imperative to make your app stand out from others. Many app developers asked me how to promote their apps, So I will share some useful App Store SEO tips for you to make your app rank to the top and drive more traffics to your app.

App Store SEO tips

Optimizing your mobile app with the right App Store SEO tips can result in following benefits:
1.Increase app downloads. It can help you reach your potential users who are looking for an app in the same type. By showing your app in top results for a given search query, you can get more downloads.
2.Improve app visibility. After doing App Store Optimization, your app visibility will be enhanced.

Optimize App Popularity via Organic Search

You can include your brand name in the link text that points at app download pages. Powerful App Store SEO tips always do this. Potential users will see it in a direct way. You may make your brand prominently in the app name, which is critical for tapping into their enormous link equity. You can learn from some good apps, like eBay.

Try to Buy App Reviews and 5 Star Rating

When users visit your app page, they examine previous user’s experience very carefully. Users generally observe the ratings and reviews before they decide to download an app. Higher ratings and positive reviews encourage users to download the app. You can try to encourage your users to give you feedback or just do reviews exchange, but it is slow and inefficient. You can try to buy some positive app reviews and 5 star rating in a safer and faster way.

These are some App Store SEO tips that you can consider for optimizing your mobile app. If you are looking for app marketing experts, then contact the adept team of ASORanker to promote your app.

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