Learn How to Create Your App Screenshot Perfectly

App screenshot plays an increasingly important role in the success of your app. For most of our users, they always check this element more when they search for an app. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, you need to optimize your app screenshot. We have mentioned that qualified screenshot is one of the key factors to start App Store Optimization. And we will talk about how to create a perfect app screenshot in this article.

how to create app screenshot

Think Like a User

Imagine now, what are the functions of your app? What do you want to get when you download your app? And you can also make a study of your competitors. To show the best features of your app in app screenshot. It seems like a showcase to exhibit what the potential users will experience when they begin to use your app. What’s more, you must make the first 2 app screenshots the most appealing and powerful.

Suitable Size and Language

There is no doubt that this takes too much time, which also promotes the quality of the app screenshot. Your apps are designed for various devices and languages. Have you ever looked at a screenshot with content in a language you don’t understand? You will not download it obviously. Thus you can localize your app screenshot. And different devices need to put different sizes to make them wonderful.

Attractive Features

Maybe you are confused what are the attractive features, do not worry. You can try to upload charming images or make a very short video. You can make a screenshot that shows your latest features. And you can also just use the pictures those are uploaded by users. But you must remember to use the same app screenshot with different sizes in various devices.

Creating the app screenshot is easy, but to create perfect screenshots are difficult. Now that you have developed an app, you’d better optimize it to increase app downloads for you. And hope our App Store Optimization tips are beneficial for you.

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