The Key Factors to Start App Store Optimization

Are you new to App Store Optimization? Do you want to know what elements of your app store page can make a difference in your app? If you do not have a knowledge of it, do not worry, we will look into the basics of app store optimization and find out the key factors to start it in this post.

app store optimization

App title

Generally speaking, your title must be attractive and appealing, easy to understand what your apps are but with unique aspects. App titles are not only important in terms of conversion, they also play a special role in app ranking. So you need pay more attention to it. Do not use the same title to other already exists app, or your app will be removed. And you can also use your strongest keywords in your app title. This is a simple way to set app title.

App Keywords

This is arguably the most important aspect of ASO. It is essential to confirm app keywords for your apps. Keywords research should take a significant amount of time to study them much carefully. Start with brainstorming relevant and some interesting search queries with next to no competition. In other words, A great keyword is relevant to the app with high search volume and low competition.

App Description

There is no doubt that a logical app description can elaborate your app perfectly. Find out what does your app do, what traits do your app have, what problems do your app handle and why people choose your app. You need to make the first 3 sentences charming and people will have interests in doing the more detailed reading.

App Icon and Screenshots

You can search something in the App Store, and you will find that every icon is unique. It is the first impression that your app makes, thus it is very important visual assets to catch users’ eyes. To design your icon in deep consideration. Remembering to make your icon be relevant to your app. For screenshots, users actually prefer looking at your screenshots and you must use this position to show your best functions.

App Store Optimization is not an easy thing and needs to do many preparatory works. In order to make your app stand out, you must pay more attention to these factors. After all, by doing half the work, your app will get double the result.


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