Improve App Ranking to Make Your App Stand Out

Do you know what is the hardest thing about building a successful mobile app? Yes, the answer is to get app visibility as much as possible. You must realize the real challenge for app developers is having their app surfaced higher than hundreds of other competitors in the app store search results. Thus you need to improve app ranking and stand out from other apps. In this article, we will study how to improve app ranking to drive more traffic to your app.

improve app ranking

Get More App Installs

The number of installs is one of the most important elements affecting app ranking. In order to get more app installs, you need to optimize all the basics of your app. Choose the perfect app name, app keywords and app description, design the best app icon and app screenshot. Except doing these, you can also try to get app installs directly from professional ASO agency. Their real users will install your app via searching your keyword. This is an effective way to improve app ranking.


The key to successful marketing lies in great advertising. You must pull out all the stops on your advertising campaign and do everything which is possible to gain the attention of users. You can make free or some budget to publish advertising. Just offering discounts and special introductory offers, which will help improve app ranking quickly.


Do not just put your app in just one language. It will lack your app out from a large number of users worldwide. App localization is a much less expensive way to get a big return on your investment. You know that users always trust information in their own languages. Done properly, localization can improve app ranking and provide you innumerable benefits.

The improvement in App Store Optimization should never stop. You can take these methods to improve app ranking in a right way. We will keep sharing more professional App Store SEO tips to you.

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