Get App Ratings and Reviews to Double App Downloads

As an app developer, we all love to get the feedback from users. The volume of app ratings and reviews your app receive is one of the most important parts on your rankings in the top charts and search results. After you optimize the basics of your app, you need to pay more attention to get positive app ratings and reviews to double app downloads.

get app ratings and reviews

The importance of app ratings and reviews

One thing you must remember that they can positively or negatively affect important aspects of how people discover apps. They are taken into consideration by the algorithms that determine your ranking on the App Store. That is to say, the more positive app ratings and reviews you have, the higher ranking you can get in the search results.

App ratings and reviews is a direct channel to maintain connections with your users. A negative one gives no indication of what you can do to improve your app. And positive reviews can increase basic reliability for your app. You can imagine if you are a user, whether you will be hesitant to download a poor experience. I am sure all of us will choose the app with qualified reviews.

How to get app ratings and reviews

The most common method is to ask or encourage users to review your app. You should make sure this doesn’t appear in the middle of users completing specific tasks or if they are enjoying your app. When you interrupt their experience, maybe they will give you negative reviews. But there is a question that if very few even no users download your app, how do you ask them to review your app?

Then you can consider buying app ratings and reviews. It is an effective way to double your app downloads quickly. You can buy positive app ratings and reviews in They are professional in organic app installs, ratings and reviews from real users worldwide in App Stores. So it is safe to choose. You can have a try!

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