How to Get App Installs in a Very Short Time

Promoting an app is not an easy thing. Getting users to download your app without a marketing strategy is even harder. Many app developers focus most of their money and time on the quality of the app. There is no doubt that the basics of your app are important. In fact, You also need to do something to improve the visibility of your app. In this post, we will introduce how to get app installs quickly.

get app installs

Launch an in-app advertising campaign

Have you tried this way? You can find that your ad will be shown to those who already use an app of the same category. Thus they’re interested in what you have to offer and are more likely to install your app. And many potential users prefer watching ads as a way to pay for the app content. This is qualified to get app installs.

Create a wonderful video

Most of us rely on social media like Facebook, Twitter. Now you can try to use YouTube. It is the world’s third most commonly visited website and the second most popular search engine. So powerful it is. Potential users can see your app in an intuitive feeling. This is a free way to advertise your app. You can get a mass of installs through your video.

Publish your app on different app stores

Many app developers publish their apps on one channel, which they think it is lower levels of competition, and their apps are more likely to get a higher position. You need to localize your app or make it display several languages in different app stores. You will get app installs through different app stores.

Buy app ratings and reviews

We have mentioned that app ratings and reviews can double app downloads. Many users like to share their thoughts and experiences, and they also enjoy to see this part. So that you can buy app ratings and reviews to get app installs. After you design a great app, you need to decorate it. The more positive app ratings and reviews you have, the higher ranking you can get in the search results.

Get app installs in a short time is quite possible. If you are still confused, you can contact us. And we will give you some help.

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