Earn Top Position in App Store via These ASO Techniques

Grabbing the first page rank in the App Store is one of the first and foremost dreams of app developers. How do you get your app to stand out among millions of app, and achieve daily use with your audience? Apply these ASO techniques, you’ll be well on your way. You can boost app ranking through following professional ASO techniques.

ASO techniques

Create a Wonderful App Icon

The icon of your app is what interests the users first. It is perfect to design an icon that is recognizable, clear, relevant to the purpose your app functions and features. Your app icon needs to express the app directly in a confined space and it should represent your entire app wonderfully. This needs your careful design.

Pick up the Suitable Category

There is no doubt that selecting a right and relevant category helps users who are searching for apps. And this makes a big difference in app ranking. If you choose the wrong category, your app will never be found. You know the importance of improving app visibility through the competition to other apps.

Choose Right App keywords

In our ASO techniques, a keyword is nothing, but a single word or a phrase that potential user types while looking for an app. It is quite obvious that these words are relevant and related to an app. You should select high relevant app keywords to make potential users find your app quickly. App keyword optimization is one of the most important ASO techniques.

Get Qualified App Reviews

App reviews are not new to app marketing. The total number of reviews and whether those reviews are positive or negative will affect your app ranking in the App Store. Whenever you develop an app, put your customer in mind. You can encourage users to give you reviews in an enjoyable situation. Or just rely on professional review provider.

These are some ASO techniques to help promote your app and boost app ranking. If you are an app developer who needs help in App store optimization, contact us now!

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