Don’t Miss These Guides to Write an App Description

We have mentioned how to create the best app name for an app, which is useful to make a good start. In this article, we want to share some guides to write app description for your apps. The app description is a great way to help potential users to understand what your apps really do and is also your sale page to show the features of your apps, so you need to pay more attention to this part.

how to write app description

Firstly, as we know that only the first 3 lines of your app description are directly visible on the phone. Thus you must put the most important information of your apps there. You can clearly describe what your app is and why users should download it. A good way is to talk about your features in the language that they are using when searching in the app store. When you localize the app description, which will make a contribution to get more installs and sales from other countries.

Secondly, although the App Store allows the length of 4,000 characters for your app description, users will only see about 255 of them at first glance. You must make the proper utilization of every word to keep its value. Treat this place as a selling opportunity, explaining in details but note the length.

And then, regardless of how many wonderful features your new app may have, you should try to focus your app description on the essential and clear things to point out. Your goal is simply to catch the users’ eyes, encouraging them to download the app. By the way, you’d better update your app description when your apps have new features.

The last thing to show clearly is that you must avoid typos and grammatical errors after writing an app description. And you must write the truth without any cheating information. This part is a good way to show and sell your apps. If you need more information about App Store Optimization, ASORanker is the best choice for you.

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