Do You Know What Is ASO?

ASO, or App Store Optimization, which has become more and more popular among marketers, app owners and agencies. There are numerous apps right now in the app store, thus making your app stand out is quite hard. So do you want to push your app to top? Now ASO can help you finish this. And we will introduce what is aso to you.

Principle of ASO

ASO is a process of ranking your apps higher in the search results of app store via app store optimization techniques, and your app will be more visible to potential customers. When your apps possess advantageous position, it can increase app downloads for you.

Significance of ASO

Most of the users download apps by combining the appearance of app and reviews of other users, if you do not do ASO, you can not make your app be outstanding. When optimizing app fully, your app will get improved on app search results and immediate app comprehension in the app store lists. This is very important to all the app owners.

Factors of ASO

Just like SEO(search engine optimization), we need do ASO in all directions. You must ensure the title, description and keyword of your app firstly by observing your competitor. And then you should choose a charming and right icon for your app. Generally speaking, to set a wonderful icon can more attractive for potential users. The importance of a visually appealing and yet to the point icon cannot be overly emphasized. The icon needs to be unique, but easy to understand and be able to clearly convey what your app and your brand signifies. Now you can add some screenshots to state your apps.

An increasing number of app store optimization companies have emerged, you must choose a professional one to help your app do outside optimization. ASORanker is a company that focuses on ranking your app higher in app store search results quickly. Now you know what is aso, if you want to get our app store optimization services, you can visit for more details.


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