How to Design a More Attractive App Icon

In a world where app downloads are on the increase, you have to be unique from other applications out there. App icon plays an important role in the overall user experience. For the potential users, app icons represent the first impression when they see your apps. App store is a busy place where you are forced to compete with hundreds of other apps in the same category. So you must design your app icon to attract more people.

how to design an app icon

Choose Suitable Colors

Colors influence our purchase desire. Do not put many colors together, which will make your app icon dazzling and complex. The effect can be just the opposite to what you wish to get. In general, it’s better to focus on a limited color palette or you can just stick with your brand colors. You can see more icons of others. Examples: Facebook, Twitter.

Keep It Simple

Users always like more simple things, which are easy to understand. You should remember how small an app icon appears on a phone or tablet. Too many elements become distracting. You’d better use a single letter instead of using a word. After all, it’s very difficult to read long words in such a tiny app icon.

Make It Fresh But Consistent

Your app should stand out from the crowd, so you need to make the app icon unique from others. Doing a serious research before you start your design. You can try to check competitor’s app icons and gain inspiration. The most significant aspect is that you need to update your app icons when you update your apps. Remembering to keep consistency through your icon so the users know it’s the same app.

As the industry becomes more competitive, you need to put serious thought and research into developing an unforgettable app icon. After you finishing your design, don’t forget to do some good A/B testing to see which app icons offer the best engagement rates. Hope these app store optimization tips are helpful to you. Just follow our guides to achieve the best result for designing a more attractive app icon!

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