How to Choose Your App Keywords Rightly

Keywords are the words that potential users input in the app store search box to find an app. To choose keywords effectively can bring you a lot of traffic. There are so many keywords that you can possibly use for your app, but which one is the best? In this guide, we mainly talk about how to choose app keywords effectively.

Keywords should be relevant to your app, it may be an app’s function or its name. You can make a list of potential keywords to choose from. If a keyword is used too much then try to pick up something different like synonyms. You can stand in the perspective of the target population to suppose if you are the user that what words you will use to find the app you want. These popular search words will be useful for finding the best and most relevant keywords for your app.

Now you can use some tools to conduct the most relevant and high-ranking keywords. If you do not know this kind of tools, App Annie and Sensor Tower are good choices for you. You can also find out the app keywords of your competitors as a reference.

There are many things you should take care when you choose keywords.
1.Your keywords should be those with high popularity and little competition.
2.Separate keywords with commas, no space.
3.You need to ensure users would type your keywords but at the same type would not bring too many app results.
4.The most important thing is to ensure the relevance between the keyword and your app, or how likely will they download your app?

Finally, you should monitor and revise your keywords after submission. Always question, always analyze, but in the end, suspend judgment until you are been there. After all, it requires continual testing and ongoing maintenance to keep your keyword rankings.

To find the best app keywords, you must do your research and analyze carefully. You need to know your potential users well, know what your competitors are doing and search the highly rated apps to look for keywords. Add these factors together and you can choose keywords for apps rightly.


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