Best App Store Optimization Tips 2017

In our daily life, most of us find the app we want through app store searches. The higher your app ranks, the more visible it is to potential customers, thus increasing app downloads for you. To make this come true, you can take App Store Optimization to boost app ranking in app store search results. If you do not know how to do, here are some app store optimization tips for you.

best app store optimization tips

1. Know your target customers well

Compared with other same types of apps, you must understand the search aims of the customers and why they choose your app. You can also make a study of other competitors to discover what are their unique selling points and get some ideas to build your own apps. After all, target customers are the most important elements to push your app in a higher ranking.

2. Choose right title and keywords

A title can convey everything of your app, which must be relevant, special and creative to catch potential customers’ eyes. What needs to be emphasized is you need to add the keyword of your app into the title and keep your title in a suitable length. Choosing keywords is a great and profound thing and you can have a knowledge of how to choose app keywords rightly, which we have mentioned before.

3. Make a wonderful description

Similar to meta description tag on a website, description of an app clearly explains what the app is, what it does, and its benefits. The description must contain the keyword you choose and be relevant too. Just as some app store optimization tips say, you need to use charming information about your app which could show the features of your app and build interest of the potential customers to make them download the app.

4. Get remarkable Icons and screenshots

These two elements are the first impressions when customers touch your app, so you should pay more attention to them. The app icon should have a special design and ability to catch customers’ eyeballs. It must be representative of your app. Humans are visual creatures, they like to see what the app they are going to download looks like (especially if they will have to pay for it). To show your advantages and upload the screenshots of the most fantastic details of your app.

5. Own many real ratings and reviews

Positive reviews and ratings can enhance the credibility of your app. For this, you need to provide an option to the users to land on rating and review page on the app store. Just in case customers are not fully satisfied then you should provide a feedback option which reaches directly to the app developers. This is very essential.

To increase app downloads, you must improve app ranking in app store search results. So you need great app store optimization tips to finish it and now you can have a try.


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