Basic Tutorials to Help You Do App Store SEO

App Store SEO is a buzzword today because it makes your apps distinctly visible. You need to realize that the more people know about it, higher are the chances of getting it subscribed. As we know SEO stands for search engine optimization, which can bring more traffic. App Store SEO is a way to optimize your apps and make your apps rank higher in app store search results for relevant keyword searches. To help you boost app ranking, we give you some basic app store seo tutorials.

app store seo

1.Optimize App Name

You need to use the name to convey the most important function of your app. And it may be helpful to include at least one keyword within the name of your app which is relevant to the use of your app. We have mentioned how to create app name before, you can find more useful suggestions from it.

2.Gather More Positive Ratings and Reviews

There is no doubt that most of the potential users would like to install an app have more positive reviews. 4/5-Star ratings and qualified reviews gain more trust. They both have an impact on app rankings in the app store. If you have many low app ratings or negative reviews, the downloads of your apps will be less. If you want to get app ratings and reviews, you can visit ASORanker, which offer app ratings and reviews from real users all over the world.

3.Advertising on Social Media

Social media are the most direct way to communicate with potential users. You can show your apps to them in detail. But you have to remember to find the targeted users is the most important step to advertise your apps. Nowadays, many people search what they want from different social media, thus you must seize the opportunity.

With so many different types of apps available in the App Store, you must make your apps unique and good enough. App Store SEO can not only rank your apps higher, but also increase app downloads for you. Your apps need to improve and update frequently. Hope this can help you and your apps will greatly increase sales.


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