4 Top Ways to Help You Increase App Downloads

Are you confused when you have published your apps but get just a few or no downloads? This is a common problem that most app developers will meet. Because there are a huge number of apps in App Store, which makes it a hard task to stand out and get found by potential users. In order to make your apps more visible in the search results, you need to do something to promote your apps. This article introduces 4 top ways to increase app downloads in detail.

increase app downloads

1.Put your app on different App Stores

Besides simple settings, you should also optimize your apps for discovery through traditional search engines and then convert app visitors to app downloads. You can put your apps on different App Stores. The more options you have, the more downloads you can get.

2.Provide limited discount

This is a wonderful way to attract more potential users to download your apps. People always like cheap but nice things. You can provide a limited discount to catch users’ eyes and they will try to download your app. After all, the less the prices are, the more the users will be attracted towards your apps. And increase app downloads is not a difficult thing now.

3.Advertise on Social Media

We all know that social media is a wagon for ongoing conversations and user interactions. When you do right, social media campaigns can amplify your brand and put you in front of your target audience. You can try to just post a message on Facebook or Twitter, upload your demo video or introductory video along with the app name + your brand name or rely on the email marketing.

4.Get more positive app ratings and reviews

The potential users who want to download your apps will check out the previous reviews. So, you need to provide proper service for them and it will increase the flow of users for you. You can find that app rating and app reviews can show the features of your apps. If you want to buy app ratings and reviews, you can try ASORanker.

Increase app downloads is the hope of all the app developers. You can follow these 4 ways and each of the ways is suitable for all kinds of apps. Hope all of you can increase app downloads fast and stable.

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